Saturday, March 16, 2013

Naka-Kon Day 1

Kind of a late post, but I figure most of everyone will read this while I'm asleep and that's okay.
First off, we really started late-ish. Left Wichita and had to get some con money. We stopped in Wal-Mart in Manhattan while picking up a friend, but eh. That didn't take too long. I think it just felt rather long because of some car issues while holding our breath.
That's fine. We got to the hotel, didn't get lost, got checked in, and got to our room. Not the best room we've ever stayed in, but it's not the convention hotel either. It was within our budget and still across the street from the convention center, so great.
We totally didn't get here in time for a roll-away.
Oh well.
So, we're here at about 6pm, watching people come and go. Apparently we weren't the only ones to choose this hotel. We've met tons of people in the elevators who all have turned out to be fairly awesome.
Dance didn't start until 11pm, but registration was closed at 9pm, so we ran down at 8pm, thinking maybe it had cleared out since it's the end of the day.
A line leading through the entire hotel and out the door later...
Actually, we didn't even get a chance to stand in the line. We were told up front by a security guard that they were closing the pre-registration line entirely and that we wouldn't be able to get our tickets tonight, leaving us unable to get the Friday of our convention.
Guys, I'm not usually a mean person..but I was livid.
It took the security guy running to see if there was anything he could do for me to calm down and nicely ask for Con-Ops.
I spoke to Con-Ops and things started to look better. Let's chalk this screw up to miscommunication between the departments. That's okay, though. It happens.
What doesn't happen is a near yelling argument while I'm about to pass out. I seriously had to grab another security guard to escort me to the bar to get a drink of water so I didn't die...
I'm going to tell you now that I was livid to the point of laughing and I was borderline maniacal. I don't want to detail the story further than this because, well, I don't want to be the bad guy. Though, thank you Mr. Fedora, K, everyone.
You know what you did.
DISCLAIMER: The person behind the argument has since then apologized and it's all water under the bridge. :) Don't ask me about it, because no one needs to have more trouble on their plate...
Though, I have to thank Tokyo in Tulsa for building me to be a person who takes things in stride! I have stayed positive and not once have I thought of leaving the con.
Once again, thanks, Naka-Kon. Your staff has been incredibly patient and everyone has worked SO HARD. I just wish I could hug all of you. I've hugged most of you. But I wish I could hug all of you. Most importantly, registration, security, and con-ops.
I had to go back to the hotel room after achieving badges. *Insert Zelda music here*
So, before the rave, we needed to get food. Guys. Seriously. I hadn't eaten since 2pm today and it was now 11pm. I was missing the beginning of the dance. UGH.
That's okay. We went and got McDonalds, waited stupid long for our food, almost beat the cashier, and sang Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a truly magical moment.
Next, we hit up the dance. It's a rave, but I think Naka-Kon prefers to call it a dance? Okay. I met Gemma there, who, by the way, has a new hoop and it is fan-freaking-tastic.
The DJs were by the names of DJ Willis and Revolution Boi-- I'll put links at the bottom of the post.
Now, guys, I listened to Revolution Boi's samples and I wasn't too terribly impressed, but... in person? It was so much different. RB had a slower, flowing style, while DJ Willis pumped the heavy house music and it was such a rush to dance with all the others.
I kinda realized something, though. There are two scenes in the rave culture-- the dancers, who are moderately oblivious to each other and don't want to really talk to each other, then there are those who flow. And those who flow have an unspoken connection between them that just makes everyone happy and it makes the dance a better place.
I'm serious. I thought I didn't have the skill to perform next to some of these guys, but they were the best. I felt like, even for a couple of minutes, that I was part of a big family-- a big performance.
The stage was huge. Four or more dancers at a time and hoopers had an easy time using the stage. Fog machines, lights, and a huge area made this dance a success.
Not to mention that I think I finally found the perfect blend of anime, vocaloid, pop, and all brands of techno music in this. I'm sure someone out there wasn't happy with the mix, but I was. The DJs worked well together and blended enough that it made things great.
So, guys, it is with a tired body that I have to bid you a good night. Be prepared for Day 2, and if you're following my tumblr, I will be posting regular updates from there.


To check out the things I mentioned, follow the links below.

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